School Facts

Argus High School:

  • has a dragon for a mascot

  • is a California Model Continuation School

  • is accredited by WASC

Argus Continuation High School was originally created in 1968 and has been housed on its current campus since 1973.  Argus High School received its name in a “Name the School” contest in 1969.

In 2006, Argus Continuation High School and the Endeavor Alternative School campus received a $1.4 million modernization of the campus and expansion of classroom facilities.  Upgrades occurred in four classrooms with the installation of technology infrastructure hardware and components to give teachers and students’ access to teaching and learning materials on the web and access for teachers to District provided web based resources. 

The computer lab was completely upgraded with new computers, flat screen monitors, keyboards and printers for student use.         

The main administrative office of the campus also gained a complete renovation including new office furniture, desks, chairs and equipment.  The office was redesigned to accommodate student traffic flow and to promote confidentiality, given the uniqueness of the student issues and concerns.   

In 2011, the school campus received an additional classroom/training wing that will serve multiple purposes. This building can be used as classroom space (up to four separate rooms), used as a large student assembly room, and serve as a confidential area for student academic assessments.  This new building addition opened in January 2012, providing state-of-the-art technolo­gy for presentations, trainings and meetings.

Argus also received a land­scape face-lift, with the installation of new sod, shrubs, plants and fenc­ing. Visitors are greeted with a picturesque school environment that is as welcoming as the staff and teachers.

Students and staff of Argus, take pride in their cam­pus and are excited about the opportunities this new addition will bring for school-wide gatherings and events.


Argus Continuation High School is a tobacco free school.

Argus Continuation High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Endeavor Alternative Center

  • was established in 1995
  • has the Explorer Space Shuttle as its mascot
  • has purple and silver for school colors
  • is accredited by WASC
  • is a voluntary placement